Thursday, January 17, 2013

And Bless

Every night before bed, we have our routine.
Tooth brushing
Laying in our bed for a lullaby and prayer time.

At least that's how it's supposed to go.
Before the six trips downstairs for sippie cups that don't have leaky lids, or trips into Alena's room to raid her stuffed animal box for yet another 'special animal' to sleep with.
Even though there are already 60 pairs of beady button eyes staring at me from their bunk bed.
Then, just when I think they're done and ready to settle, they have a new game they want to play of asking me to dictate various words so they can attempt to spell them.
Glorious little clean smelling nerds.

The end part has always been special.
Not only because it's, well, the END PART and I'm about to get my few hours of quiet time for the day, but because I get a chance to really connect with them.

We've done it for years this way.
I sing and they nuzzle, then we close our eyes and say our prayers.

They've grown up hearing me thank God for them, pray for their healing, pray for others that we love who need special mention.

So it was no surprise when, tonight, they asked if THEY could pray.

"Of course!" I said.
I closed my eyes and waited.

Chloe's was so heartfelt.
It always is. Full of thought and care.
Sweet little nurturer that she is.

But I realized tonight that each girl has an agenda.
And that agenda is to be heard by not only God, but by me.

"Dear Jesus,
Thank you for this day.
I thank you that right now you're healing Mama and her hurting back.
I thank you that she will rest good and tomorrow she will wake up feeling better. Please be with our friends Mike and Beth as they are across the ocean getting their little adopted kids.
We are happy we get to meet them.
We hope that one day WE get to go across the ocean and get kids for our own.
I don't know if I will like a brother, but maybe we can get one.
Maybe in Burundi.
We know we will have to talk to Daddy about that, though, and that maybe he needs a couple of years, Mama said.
In Jesus' name, Amen."

"Dear Jesus,
Bless Mama's hurting back and leg.
Bless that you will heal her so she will stop making that scary noise she was making at nap time.
I didn't like that noise and it maked me not be able to sleep.
Bless us to sleep well now, though, so that in the morning we can have a good breakfast with Panda Puffs and orange juice and milk and circle sausages.
And if I am still hungry I can have more.
Then bless lunch and dinner, too.
Bless that I can not have a yucky dinner that I hate and I won't have to ask Mama "How many bites do I have to take?"
Bless all the things.

Now I have seen it all.
Multi-purpose prayer.
Where one can take their intentions of adoption, requests for peaceful sleep, and their breakfast orders to God.

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